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Winter Chillout Lounge 2014 (2014) MP3

Category: Chillout | Lounge

Download Winter Chillout Lounge 2014 (2014)

Winter Chillout Lounge 2014 (2014)

Winter Chillout Lounge 2014 (2014)

320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed, 31 tracks | Manifold Records
320 min | 2014 | 732 MB

Downtempo, Lounge, Chill Out

The new album from the label Manifold Records consists of 31 tracks, the assembly includes such artists as Asian Chill Art, Bubble J., Cálido, Cinematic, DJ Maretimo, Dreamscape, Emotional, Frank Borell, Hypnotic, Jazz Connection, Kid Coconutz, Laid Back Avenue, Mahoroba, Noise Boyz, Orange Music, Persia Beatz, Road To Asia, Satin Sound System, Sean Hayman, Silent Voices, Sky Loft, Sky Sergeant, Sleeptalker, The Man Behind C., Vladi Strecker.


01. Sweet Sunday Minds (Secret Bells Mix) - Frank Borell
02. Organix Elements (Oceanwave Mix) - Cinematic
03. Enjoy the Sound (Analog Session) - The Man Behind C.
04. Slow Motion Ballade (Quiet Earth Mix) - Laid Back Avenue
05. Dig the Chance (Dream Da Past Mix) - Orange Music
06. Moments of Silence (Ambient Mix) - Sean Hayman
07. Gate of Heaven (Myanmar Cut) - Mahoroba
08. He and She (Pure Emotion Cut) - Vladi Strecker
09. Blue Guitars of Picasso (Lonely Beach Cut) - DJ Maretimo
10. Altered Tears (Wide Horizon Mix) - Kid Coconutz
11. World in Balance (Spacelounge Mix) - Sleeptalker
12. Dessert Mystique (Spheric Mix) - Dreamscape
13. Crystal Cave (Homo Sapiens Mix) - Road To Asia
14. Chinese Dance (Red Dragon Mix) - Frank Borell
15. Honeytrap (Keys and Trumpet Mix) - Noise Boyz
16. City Waves (After Midnight Mix) - Mahoroba
17. The Drums of Honshu (Buddha Deluxe Mix) - Asian Chill Art
18. Take on Me (Spacedream Mix) - Kid Coconutz
19. Träumst du schon (Berlin City Mix) - Sky Loft
20. Daydream (Joe's Chill Mix) - Cálido
21. Sierra Shadow (Buddha Deluxe Cut) - Satin Sound System
22. Tenderness (Very Smooth Evening Cut) - Vladi Strecker
23. Forever Love (Full Dream Mix) - Silent Voices
24. Sleepy Hollow (Slow Your Life Mix) - Frank Borell
25. In Heaven (Sad Mood Mix) - Emotional
26. Passing Dolphins (Cool Sax Mix) - Jazz Connection
27. Opium Oriental (Kalifah Cut) - Persia Beatz
28. Du bist mein Engel (Piano Chill Version) [feat. Angel] - Bubble J.
29. Music Connection (Dolphins Mix) - Sky Sergeant
30. The Four Elements (Relax Cut) - Hypnotic
31. Winter Chillout Lounge 2014 (Continuous Mix) - DJ Maretimo

Download Winter Chillout Lounge 2014 (2014) MP3

Download Winter Chillout Lounge 2014 (2014)


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