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World Chillout - Bestsellers second edition (2015) MP3

Category: Chillout | Lounge

Download World Chillout - Bestsellers second edition (2015)

World Chillout - Bestsellers second edition (2015)

World Chillout - Bestsellers second edition (2015)

320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed, 10 tracks | 9 Sides
54 min | 2015 | 127 MB

Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge

The label 9 Sides is its collection with the following artists: Arma8, Diamans, Doors In The Sand, Geminair, Philip Aniskin, R. I. B., Robien M, Sara Pollino, Simon G, U.O.K., and more... Listen online now and download music! Album in the genre of Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge.
From modest, Chillout grew to become a big and most long event the Country Strange Pride in regions of Australia, and the biggest festival in Hepburn Shir. While events in the capitals can be much more, Chillout are kept weakened, down to the earth by the atmosphere with a large number of opportunities that your hair down, and I found a special place in the hearts of male gays and lesbians across all Australia - and the world
Chillout began as an annual festival of connection Springs, local gays and lesbians of business group in Deylsford. The first festival was organized in 1997 and every year the festival was placed over Victorian the Labor Day long days off in March.
Chillout is the organization, not-for-profit of communities, devoted to celebration of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and strange pride in a unique situation regional Victoria. We about construction of community, celebrating a variety, and sharing love to this fine part of Australia while helping to raise money every year during devoted to worthy business.


01. R. I. B. - City Of Hopes
02. Doors In The Sand - True Story
03. Arma8 - Who I Am
04. Geminair - The Long Goodbye
05. Philip Aniskin - Night Mood - Deep Mix
06. Robien M - Rendezvous Bay
07. U.O.K. - Eva's Garden
08. Sara Pollino - A Sunrise In Native Reserve
09. Diamans - Perception
10. Simon G - Back to the Universe

Download World Chillout - Bestsellers second edition (2015) MP3


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