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Best Of Disco House (2013) MP3

Category: Club, House

Download Best Of Disco House (2013)

Best Of Disco House (2013)

Best Of Disco House (2013)

256 kbps | MP3 | unmixed, 55 tracks | Baccara France Records
630 min | 2013 | 631 MB

House, Club House


01.Groove Kings - Soul Heaven (Rob Hayes disco dub)
02.Dr Kucho! - Full Moon
03.No Panties Allowed - Lets Dance Tonight (club mix)
04.Addk - I Need Your Love (Chris Sammarco club remix)
05.Rob Hayes - Wishing On Dreams
06.Dr Kucho! & Funky Truckerz - Dancin' Shoes
07.Chris Kaeser & Stonebridge A Kelsey - Rescue Me
08.David Caruso - U Turn Me On (extended)
09.Groovjuice - To Have Love
10.Rude Vinyl - Leave Your Cares Behind
11.Orlow - Sunset To Sunrise (feat Terri B)
12.Balearic Kings - Say Oh! (dub mix)
13.Summa Funkaz - Catch Me If I Fall (2011 mix)
14.Phil Fuldner - Tuesday PM (feat Desmond - Peter Kharma remix)
15.DJ Kone & Marc Palacios - Bakiriba
16.Bonsugi - Good Time (feat Alex Sure)
17.Silver Disco - Say What
18.Secret Soul - Feel Good (Rob Hayes 2012 remix)
19.Groovjuice - Funk Is Back
20.Julian Poker - Soul Preachin'
21.Jayceel - Back To Disco (Freaky Funk Freaked remix)
22.Soul-Ty - I Can Not Move Mountains
23.Andre Rizo - Be My Lover (feat Irene - extended mix)
24.Doozy - Disco Chicks (Funkylicious)
25.Dr Kucho! & Rod Pinn - The Calling Card
26.Syntheticsax - Don't Stop
27.Bekir Ozturk - Escapade (Fab Stellar Cocktail mix)
28.Promonova - Call Me
29.Prohibisound - Pourquoi Pas
30.Rob Hayes - Just Be Good To Me (feat Angelina - Latin Breeze remix)
31.Martin Greenland - Don't Lie
32.Festina Lente - Almost Blue
33.DJ Coslow - Insanity (Love N Joy mix)
34.Hifi Deluxe - Who What Why
35.Solar Eclipse - Club Night
36.Timmy Taste - Top Of The City (instrumental)
37.Anirhythm - I Feel Deep
38.Dan Green - Progress (Daily Disco remix)
39.Larry J - Coolonia (Daily Disco remix)
40.Spiritizm - 7
41.Angelo Montesu - Montenegro
42.Terence Matthews - Everybody
43.Ivy C - Disco Train (Ale Effe remix)
44.Carlo Cavalli - Elefante (original disco mix)
45.Popular Computer - Next Level Pope (Refresh version)
46.Stereo House - Disco Beat (Taroonis Jaimes In The mix)
47.Soul-Ty - For One Night
48.Kill Miami - Flashing Lights (Dafuq remix)
49.Igor Garnier - Forever & Ever (feat Syntheticsax - Leo Burn remix)
50.Dean M - Disco
51.Dee Costa - Shake Your Bootie (Dee Costa disco remix remastered)
52.Silver Disco - Love On The Run
53.Jayceel - Whats It Gonna Be
54.Silver Disco - Detroit
55.Dr Drummer - Around The World

Download Best Of Disco House (2013) MP3

Download Best Of Disco House (2013)


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