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Toolroom Knights (Mixed By Doorly) (2014) MP3

Category: Club, Dance, House

Download Toolroom Knights (Mixed By Doorly) (2014)

Toolroom Knights (Mixed By Doorly) (2014)

Toolroom Knights (Mixed By Doorly) (2014)

320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed, 31 tracks | Toolroom Records
285 min | 25.08.2014 | 655 MB

House, Club House, Dance

Producer, DJ, Radio Presenter, Promoter, Musical Polymath; Doorly seems to have already ticked off a lot of the things on any DJ's Bucket List. Setting his place firmly within the House music scene, Doorlys dedication to the craft of production and DJing remains paramount, with his live sets including samplers and FX units to emphasise his belief that a DJ set should be a live turntablism experience. When business reaches night life in Miami, all always spoke about the superstar of house DJs in Mansion, Liv and spaces. Quick Money - But on Saturday evening in Grand Central (697 N. Mayami пр), something brings special for fans true underground an electronic dance music, with New York a drum '-n '-a bass and dubstep the producer of murders of noise and eclectic UK DJ Doorly having broken off a stage from them squelches synthesizers and a shaky bass. Doorly - who takes a monthly break in the summer residence on Ibiza for fast USA tour - its player of mixing skills is known to be able to consult four at once. He spoke with about show and a difference between the Magic city and Ibiza.


01. Doorly & Sonny Fodera Ц For Me (Club Mix) (07:06)
02. Claude VonStroke Ц The Clapping Track (Doorly Clap & Pop Remix) (07:14)
03. Jesse Rose & Oliver $ Ц When We Heard Solid Groove (ArdalanТs Switch It Up Remix) (05:58)
04. Breach Ц Beroving (DJ-Kicks) (07:23)
05. Doorly & Sonny Fodera Ц Rainbows (07:13)
06. Justin Martin & Eats Everything Ц Steven Jello (06:56)
07. Doorly & Green Velvet Ц Money (07:03)
08. Jaymo & Andy George Ц HenryТs Treat (06:49)
09. Eric Sharp & Give In Ц Let Me Down Easy (feat. Whitney Fierce) [Doorly Remix] (06:34)
10. Lukas Ц Narwhals (06:11)
11. Mr. G Ц Ben & Gerd (Killin It M Day) (06:23)
12. Doorly Ц Jazz Rascal (Club Mix) (06:03)
13. Detroit Swindle Ц The Fat Rat (06:45)
14. Doorly Ц Thunder Clap (05:46)
15. Gerry Read Ц Shrubby (04:25)
16. Marquis Hawkes Ц Get Yo Ass Off My Grass (06:09)
17. Doorly Ц Groove Me (06:00)
18. Corbu Ц We Are Sound (Doorly Remix) (06:17)
19. Marc Romboy Ц Set Me Free (A1 Bassline Nostalgic Mix) (06:24)
20. Jesse Rose & Brillstein Ц Shuffle the Paper (Doorly Remix) (06:40)
21. Doorly Ц Ladies Night (06:33)
22. Blaze Ц My Beat (feat. Palmer Brown) (05:19)
23. Four Tet Ц Kool FM (05:09)
24. Steve Silk Hurley Ц Jack Your Body (Doorly Club Rub) (06:52)
25. John Jastszebski Ц The Set Up (07:41)
26. Krystal Klear Ц Squad (07:26)
27. Cabaret Nocturne Ц Rebirth (07:38)
28. El Prevost Ц Allez Ally (feat. D.Ham) [Shonky Remix] (08:00)
29. Dennis Ferrer Ц Church Lady (feat. Daniele) [Thommy Davis & DJ Spen Bom Bom Bom Tool] (02:03)
30. ATFC Ц Mothership (Accapella) (06:48)
31. Doorly Ц Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly (Continuous DJ Mix) (79:04)

Download Toolroom Knights (Mixed By Doorly) (2014) MP3

Download Toolroom Knights (Mixed By Doorly) (2014)


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