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On Air Poolside Lounge (2016) MP3

Category: Dance, House, Chillout | Lounge

Download On Air Poolside Lounge (2016)

On Air Poolside Lounge (2016)

On Air Poolside Lounge (2016)

320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed, 30 tracks | On Air
188 min | 2016 | 396 MB

Chill Out, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Deep House

On Air Lounge presents you the next officialy chill-out lounge sampler. Take a drink, relax and enjoy the sunshine in your heart! A finest selection of chill-out, lounge and deep house tracks are on the package! 100 percent Chillin' is guaranteed! Thomas Lemmer has been writing and producing music for many years. At present he works on several music production projects, as well as with different bands. With diPOLAR, a German pop duo, Thomas Lemmer won the German Rock & Pop Award in Hamburg 2005. In 2009, Thomas Lemmer released his first solo album Chillout Lounge. The album was a major success in the chillout, lounge, and downtempo scenes. Many tracks from this album can be found today on dozens of successful and international compilations.


01. Alexey Lisin - Try My Soul (feat. Alexandra Pride)
02. Lцwenherz - Love Me (Sander W. Remix)
03. Ben Nook - Lose
04. Thomas Lemmer - Night flight
05. S.Mulet - Smile Chill (Tim.Vel Chill Remix)
06. Mr. Zed - Flying in the Night (Ill-Boy Phil & Sebastian Fleischer Remix)
07. Cedric Zeyenne - Over Again (Radio Edit)
08. B.Infinite - Precious Moment (Feat. Dada)
09. Tom Doux - Polaris
10. Marco Ricci - Rubina
11. Alexander Vogt - Painted Spirit (Luc Syk Remix)
12. Flow Box - Piperman
13. Ibiza Star Lounge - Get It Right
14. Sergen Tekin - Sphinx
15. Follow river could - Desperate Wife
16. Komma Noise - Beauty Bell
17. Luis Hermandez - Summer in the City
18. Liquid Rainbow - I Know That You Know That, I Know That You Know (Giuliano Rodrigues Remix)
19. Evren Ulusoy - Who Is Deep (Nick Devon Remix)
20. Gianluca Monfrecola - Telepathy
21. Tim Deetakt - Clean Code
22. Dave Jerome - Running Beat
23. Dava Di Toma - My Way (Sunset Moment)
24. Miami Dance Club - Boyracer
25. Dj Red Buddha - Cloud Surfing
26. The Sushi Club - Virosa
27. Isla Zebra - Complexly Simple
28. Fernando Farell - Burning Down the Chicken
29. Guido Mandreoli - Winner Is
30. Dennis Reich - Fleedera Helene
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Download On Air Poolside Lounge (2016) MP3

Download On Air Poolside Lounge (2016)


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