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DJ Encore

Andreas Bang Hemmeth is a DJ from Denmark, Copenhagen. His nickname is DJ Encore.

Hemmeth specializes in club-friendly style of pop music and high-tech. He has a musical family. His mother is a music teacher and Andreas` father is a musician and a music consultant. From early years Encore began studying guitar and piano and learned how to mix music on the computer. Sooner he became a DJ and was respected and admired for his skills. Andreas regularly played in three clubs of Copenhagen. At his sessions tickets were sold with a bang.

Andreas became famous for song with Engelina which called «I See Right Through to You». This track was one of the themes to Danish reality game show «Big Brothers» which was produced by John de Mol in 1997. DJ Encore has a lot of music projects and has enjoyed success in such countries as Denmark, United States of America, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France and Brazil. He collaborates with many musicians including the aforementioned Engelina, LeAnn Rimes, Ella and others.

In Denmark he was certified platinum five times with a single for the boys band C21 called «Spirit of Christams», in Portugal Andreas was certified platinum four times with single for FF group, 2 times he was certified platinum as DJ Encore, for co-writing track with Tiktak, rock band from Finland Hemmeth also had platinum achievement. He participated in the creation of the track for Charlie at Eurovision Song Contest and got gold.

Also worth noting is his remix to LeAnn Rimes song called «Suddenly». This track has brought to both top places in the radio charts. DJ Encore and Engelina recorded their first album in 2001. In January 2002 was released the second album’s single «Walking on the Sky». After production jobs, remix work, live gigs and tours Andreas returned and released the album Unique in 2007.


Download DJ Encore MP3

Download DJ Encore


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