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Sexy House Sounds Vol 6 (2012) MP3

Category: House, Dubstep, Progressive

Download Sexy House Sounds Vol 6 (2012)

Sexy House Sounds Vol 6 (2012)

Sexy House Sounds Vol 6

320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed, 20 tracks | Housepital Records
136 min | 11.07.2012 | 313 MB

House, Progressive, Dubstep, Tech

House music - a genre of an electronic dance music which occurred in the American city of Chicago at the beginning of the 1980 th. It was originally popularized about 1984 in pleasing discothèques to the gay and mixed, first of all the Afro-American and Latin American audience to Chicago, but the beginning in 1985, New Jersey, Montreal, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manchester, Miami, London and Paris branched in other main towns, such as Detroit, Toronto, New York. It then started to influence popular music in Europe with songs, such as "the House Country" the Owner of the House Boyz and the Rough Boy of the House (1987) and "Doctorin' Chamber" of Coldcut (1988) in charts. Since early to the middle the 1990 th house music it was installed in dominating pop music and a dance music around the world.
Early a house music was in general the music based on dance characterized by repeated blows of 4/4 and rhythms, concentrated round drum machines, original plates hello - hats, and synthesized basslines. While the house showed some features similar to music of a disco, it was more electronic both minimalistic, and the center of the structured music round a repeated rhythm was more important, than the song. A House Music today, holding a little from these basic elements, especially visible kickdrum on each blow, changes much on style and influence, in limits from a penetrating and atmospheric dip-house, in more minimalistic of the microhouse. A house music also incorporated to several other genres creating subgenres of an alloy, such as the European house and flew - a house.


01. Dean Anthony - Disco Lights 06:18
02. Agent Greg & Terri B - Time Won't Wait (Inphinity Remix) 08:14
03. Badisco - Melancholy 05:54
04. D-Wayne - Modest 06:16
05. Dj Jeroenski & Jorn - Set Me Free (Feat. Alexandra Prince) (Dj Mazai & Fomin Remix) 06:54
06. Platinum Monkey - Masai 07:22
07. Jay Joseph - Not Wrong 06:29
08. Christian D - Take My Hand 07:18
09. Christian Arenas - Out Of Line 06:02
10. Emilio G - R.A.W. 07:43
11. Dickens & Dooks - Acrylic 06:35
12. Dj Monxa & Brian Mart - Endless Love (Feat. Karyme) (Martin Dhamen Endless Remix) 08:00
13. Tim Bailey - Ride The Rhythm (Club Mix) 06:49
14. Two Pearls Rock - Rock, Paper, Scissors 07:37
15. Vida - Analyze (Lucas & Steve Remix) 06:00
16. Wonfri Six - Feeling For You (Feat. Andre Leckremo) 06:37
17. Dj Synchro - The Spirit (Club Mix) 05:57
18. 8 Bit Bandit - Whiplash 06:02
19. Muzikjunki, Carlos Roll & Toni Maravillas - Alive 07:22
20. Coco Arthaa & Groovebox - Cafe (Dub Mix) 06:28

Download Sexy House Sounds Vol 6 (2012) MP3

Download Sexy House Sounds Vol 6 (2012)


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