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Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection Vol.3 (2014) MP3

Category: Techno, Hardstyle

Download Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection Vol.3 (2014)

Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection Vol.3 (2014)

Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection Vol.3 (2014)

VBR kbps | MP3 | unmixed, 40 tracks, 2 CD | Cloud 9 Music
148 min | 23.08.2014 | 268 MB

Techno, Hardstyle


CD 1:
01. Afrojack Ц Ten Feet Tall (Brennan Heart & Code Black Remix)
02. Noisecontrollers Ц Down Down
03. Adrenalize Ц Island Of Adventure (WISH Outdoor 2014 Anthem)
04. Faizar Ц Alive
05. A-Lusion ft Jannika Ц Untouchable
06. Toneshifterz Ц Wild Wild Weekend (The Qontinent 2014 Anthem)
07. Wildstylez & Coone ft Cimo Frankel Ц This Is Home
08. Atmozfears & Energyzed Ц Rapture
09. Alphaverb Ц Got It (Noisecult Remix)
10. Alliv3 Ц Out Of The Shadows
11. The Anarchist Ц Take It Down
12. Chain Reaction ft Mc Nolz Ц The Crazy Ones
13. Echidna Ц Bang The Underground
14. Ran-D ft E-Life Ц The Hunt
15. B-Front & Digital Punk Ц Purify
16. Goliath ft Mc Rebel Ц Triggah
17. Kold Konexion Ц Sukey
18. Activator Ц Cobra
19. Zany Ц Execute
20. Alpha2 & Jack Of Sound Ц Das Weite Land

CD 2:
01. Sjaak ft Willie Wartaal Ц Drankje (Giocatori & Dr. Phunk Remix)
02. Coone Ц Survival Of The Fittest (Defqon.1 2014 Anthem)
03. Betavoice & The Beatcaster Ц Invaders
04. Echidna Ц Friction
05. Code Black & Atmozfears Ц Starting Over
06. F8trix Ц Let Me Hear You
07. Frontliner Ц TBA 2 (One More Time)
08. Brennan Heart Ц We Come And We Go (EOS Mix)
09. Crystal Lake Ц Bvrn
10. Toneshifterz ft Chris Madin Ц Parachutes
11. Stuback Ц Good To Be Back
12. Twilight Forces Ц My Pretties
13. Pau DJ & Alphaverb Ц Addicted 2014
14. Francesco Zeta Ц The Reckoning
15. Hard Driver Ц Bassdrops
16. Da Daze Ц Dangerous
17. Outbreak Ц We Want Your Soul
18. The Prophet Ц Breaks (I Come Correct)
19. Kold Konexion Ц Hypocrite
20. Digital Punk Ц Firestorm
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Download Hardstyle The Ultimate Collection Vol.3 (2014) MP3


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